Our products are used in versatile ways and have various applications in different locations to meet different needs and purposes. Below, you can explore reference projects with examples of how our products have been installed and utilized.


TiVA’s fish counters and underwater cameras have low energy consumption and can be powered by solar cells and batteries, allowing them to be installed in environments where there is no access to the power grid.

We can offer complete packages with solar cells, batteries, and charge regulators for solar powered fish monitoring. The batteries are delivered in a box where everything is pre-wired and ready to go. All that is needed is to connect the solar cells and batteries to the fish counter. Solar cell stands are not included but can be built on-site in the form of a wooden structure or something similar.

The solar panels should be placed in a shade-free, south-facing position, and the panel’s tilt angle should be adjusted according to the periods of the year when the fish counter should be in operation. If the fish counter is intended to operate year-round, the tilt should be relatively steep compared to when the fish counter is only operational in spring, summer, and autumn. We can customize the size and number of batteries and solar panels as needed.

Solcellsdriven fiskövervakning, solar powered fish monitoring

Solar Power System for Year-Round Operation of Fish Counter

All equipment, including any webcams for monitoring the installation, can be powered by solar cells and batteries.